‘Vibrance @ Yishun’ Self-Help Groups Centre

The ‘Vibrance @ Yishun’ Self-Help Groups Centre is a collaboration of the four Self-Help Groups: the Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC), The Eurasian Association, Singapore (EA), Singapore Indian Development Association (SINDA) and Yayasan MENDAKI (MENDAKI).

Besides providing a common space for the different races to bond and integrate, the SHGs Centre also organises programmes to serve all ethnic groups, such as educational programmes for students and talks and workshops for parents. Each SHG also conducts programmes specifically to meet the needs of their communities.

In addition, the SHGs also provides a Programme Fee Subsidy (of up to 90%) to eligible students from low-income families to attend educational programmes conducted by the centre.

Programmes offered

Centre-run Programmes

+++Tuition Programme
+++Application for the Tuition Programme 2022 is now open. Please download the application form here.

+++kidsREAD Programme
+++Application for kidsREAD Programme 2022 is now open.

+++• Holiday Programmes

Self-Help Groups-run (SHGs-run) Programmes

Besides the Centre-run programmes, each SHG would also organise SHGs-run programmes targeting at its community.

+++Programmes Organised by CDAC
+++Supervised Homework Group

+++Programmes Organised by SINDA
+++Literacy and Numeracy Programme

SHGs Centre Programme Fee Subsidy for Student

This fee subsidy provides opportunity for needy students to take part in tuition, enrichment & holiday programmes offered at the centre.

Eligibility Criteria

+++Race / Nationality
++++Student or one of the parents must be a Chinese,  Eurasian, Indian or Malay Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident

+++Household Income
++++Gross monthly household income (MHI) not exceeding $4,000; or
++++Gross monthly per capita income (PCI) not exceeding $1,200


To apply, please complete the application form and submit it with required documents to the centre.

Operation Information

Location:        Blk 145 Yishun St 11 #01-41 Singapore 760145 (Map)
Tel:      6752 7760

Operating Hours:
Mon – Fri         1pm – 10pm
Sat & Sun         10am – 5pm
(Closed on Public Holidays)

Websites of Self-Help Groups

CDAC: +++++++++ www.cdac.org.sg
EA: +++++++++++  www.eurasians.sg
SINDA:+++++++++ www.sinda.org.sg
Yayasan Mendaki: +www.mendaki.org.sg