Chinese Language & Character Building Programme

Chinese Language and Character Building Programme

Programme Objectives​

  • Promotes students’ interest in learning the Chinese Language and Culture
  • Inculcates values of respect, responsibility, resilience and cultivates good habits and character
  • Strengthens students’ ability to communicate in Mandarin with confidence

Programme Contents​

  • Storytelling
  • Singing of children’s rhymes
  • Reciting poetry and short passages
  • Performing skits

Eligibility Criteria​

  • The Student or one of the parents must be a Singapore Citizen / Singapore Permanent Resident
  • The Student must be a full-time Primary 1 and 2 student studying in a school that offers mainstream curriculum in 2023
  • The Gross Monthly Household Income (MHI) does not exceed $4,800 or Per Capita Income (PCI) does not exceed $1,400
  • The Student is taking Chinese Language as his/ her Mother Tongue Language in school

One-Time $10 Commitment Fee

The $10 commitment fee will be collected per student for the year’s programme.

This is applicable only to families whose gross monthly household income does not exceed $4,800 and/or whose gross per capita income does not exceed $1,400.

Payment mode

Fee payment can be made online or via NETS at CDAC centres.


Applications for the Chinese Language & Character Building Programme are now closed

The parent (Main Applicant) will need to create a myCDAC account before submitting the application form. If you already have a myCDAC account, there is no need to create another account.

Next, you and your spouse will need to get your Singpass accounts ready and download the Singpass app on your mobile devices.

If you do not have a Singpass account, you may click here to register for Singpass, or click here to reset your Singpass password, or visit your nearest Singpass counter to reset/create your Singpass account.

2023 Programme Schedule

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