CDAC – SFCCA Bursary

The CDAC – SFCCA Bursary aims to help needy students to cope with schooling expenses, including transport, meals and take part in enrichment and holiday programmes organised by CDAC.

Bursary Quantum

Level Quantum
Primary $280
Secondary $450

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Race / Nationality
    Applicant or one of the parents must be a Chinese Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident
  2. Household Income
    Gross monthly household income (before CPF contribution) not exceeding $2,400, or gross per capita income (before CPF contribution)  not exceeding $800
  3. Conduct and Attendance in School
    Conduct must be at least a “Good” and school attendance of at least 90%
  4. Applicant must be a full-time MOE primary, secondary and Integrated Programme (Year 1 to 4) students who study in a Government/Government-Aided, Autonomous, Independent/Specialised Independent School or Special Education School (SPED)

Please note that students who had received the Bursary 2020 need not apply as they will automatically receive the Bursary 2021.
Other criteria apply.  Please refer to the application form.


Application for Bursary 2021 is now closed.


Please call 6603 5555 during office hours or email to .