Tuition & Enrichment Programmme

Tuition Programme

The Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC) has been offering quality and affordable tuition to academically weak students from less well-to-do families since 1993.

The classes are mainly conducted at schools and CDAC centres which are accessible and convenient for students. CDAC Tuition Programme is offered at 50 locations islandwide.

We also offer enrichment programmes such as Phonics, Espeed Chinese and Challenging Math at our CDAC Centres.

Our small class size allows tutors to give more individual attention to students.

General Information


Application is open throughout the year till one month before the end of tuition term. To apply, please fill in the application form (download it here) and submit it with required documents to CDAC Secretariat or any CDAC Centre.

For Tutor

Do you have a passion in tutoring needy students? Partner us in making a difference in their learning journey!

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