Tuition Programme

Tuition Programme

Started in 1993, CDAC Tuition Programme aims to help academically weak students from less-well-to-do families to do well in their examinations.

Offered at 40 locations all over Singapore, our tuition programme provides convenience to students. Besides, more than 90% of tutors are NIE-trained. Our small class size of about 8 to 12 also allows tutors to give more individual attention to students.

General Information

Once a week per subject for 1½ hours per session

Level English Math Science Chinese Foundation
Pri 1
Pri 2
Pri 3
Pri 4
Pri 5
Pri 6


Level Chinese English Math
Sec 1 – 4 Express
Sec 1 – 5 NA
Sec 1 – 4 NT
Income Tuition Fee
(per subject per month)
Gross MHI: $3,300 or below; OR Gross PCI:  $900 or below Pri 1 to 6:    $8

Sec 1 to 5:   $12

Gross MHI: Above $3,300 – $4,000; OR Gross PCI:  Above $900 – $1,000 Pri 1 to 6:    $30

Sec 1 & 2:   $35

Sec 3 to 5:  $40

MHI: Monthly Household Income; PCI: Per capita Income

Families who cannot afford the fee may apply for fee waiver.

Level Subject Commencement
of Programme
End of Programme
Pri 1 to Pri 5 All Subjects Fourth week
of January
Pri 6 All Subjects Third week of September
Sec 1 to Sec 3 All Subjects End September
Sec 4 Exp & Sec 5 NA * All Subjects End September
Sec 4 NA Chinese End August
English End August
Math End September
Sec 4 NT English End August
Math End September

* ‘O’ level Chinese tuition will end in end April.

1. Race / Nationality

Student or one of the parents must be a Chinese Singapore Citizen OR Singapore Permanent Resident
* Tuition centres indicated as ‘CTP’ will accept students of all races.

2. Household Income

Gross Monthly Household Income (MHI) not exceeding $3,300; or
Gross Per Capita Income (PCI) not exceeding $900
(Note: Chinese student whose Gross MHI is above $3,300 but $4,000 and below or Gross PCI is above $900 but $1,000 and below will be considered if there is availability of tuition places.)

3. Results

P1 – P3: 75% and below
P4 – P6: 69 % (Band 3) and below
P5 and P6 Foundation English and Foundation Mathematics: No Restriction

Sec Express English and Mathematics: C5 or 60% and below
Chinese: B3 or 69 % and below
Sec Normal (Academic) and Normal (Technical): No Restriction
Sec 1: PSLE result below Grade A*

4. Student must be a full-time student attending a Government/Government-Aided School.

Tuition Schedule

The tuition schedule for 2018 will be available in end January 2018.


Application is open throughout the year till one month before the end of tuition term. To apply, please fill in the application form (Primary, Secondary) and submit it with required documents to CDAC Secretariat or any CDAC Centre.

For Tutor

Do you have a passion in tutoring needy students? Partner us in making a difference in their learning journey!

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