A-Level Consultation

A level consultation

The A-Level Consultation Programme provides affordable consultation to JC1 and JC2 students who need assistance and coaching.

This programme is catered for a small class size of not more than 10 students.

Frequency, Duration & Venue

Once a week per subject for 2 hours at CDAC Headquarters

Subjects offered

  • General Paper
  • H2 Chemistry
  • H2 Economics
  • H2 Mathematics
  • H2 Physics

Programme Fee

Income Programme Fee
(per subject per month)
Gross MHI: $1,900 or below; OR
Gross PCI:  $650 or below
Gross MHI: Above $1,900 – $3,300; OR
Gross PCI:  Above $650 – $900
Gross MHI: Above $3,300 – $4,000; OR
Gross PCI:  Above $900 – $1,000

MHI: Monthly Household Income; PCI: Per capita Income

Eligibility Criteria

  • Race / Nationality

Student or one of the parents is a Chinese Singapore Citizen OR Singapore Permanent Resident

  • Household Income

Gross Monthly Household Income (MHI) not exceeding $4,000; or
Gross Per Capita Income (PCI) not exceeding $1,000

Programme Schedule 2019

Level Subject Saturday Sunday
10.15am 12.30pm 2.45pm 2.45pm
JC1 General Paper
H2 Mathematics
H2 Chemistry
H2 Economics
JC2 General Paper
H2 Mathematics
H2 Physics
H2 Economics


Application for the 2019’s A-Level Consultation Programme has closed.  The application form for Year 2020’s programme will be available in December 2019.


Please call 6603 5482 during office hours or email to .