Collaborate with us

Collaborate with us

CDAC alone will not be able to put in place all its programmes and initiatives, and partners play an important part in the success of our programmes.

If your organisation would like to collaborate with us in helping the less well-to-do families, please drop us an email at .

Collaborative Projects

The following are some of our outstanding partners who had made significant contributions and supported us in uplifting the disadvantaged in our community.


Since 2006, Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) has been working with CDAC to plan and organise projects and activities. They had contributed significantly in supporting CDAC activities through providing of manpower, resources and logistical support.

From 2013 to 2016, HCI jointly organised more than 70 projects and activities with CDAC. These activities included camps, learning trails, experiential and educational workshops.

One of the significant collaborations is the Food Collection Drive which HCI had initiated in 2013. With the support of the HCI’s teachers, students and their parents, they had donated, packed and distributed food items and necessities to more than 1,850 CDAC beneficiary families.


The National Library Board (NLB) and CDAC have been working closely since 2004 for the kidsREAD programme. The kidsREAD programme aims to instill interest in reading among young children as well as to raise their language proficiency. It has benefitted more than 2,200 participants since its inception.

Besides funding the kidsREAD programme and the provision of resource kits, stationery and craft materials, NLB has also organised workshops and training sessions for volunteer readers on a regular basis to equip them with the skills to conduct reading sessions. NLB also offered its facilities to CDAC for the kidsREAD graduation and for training workshops. CDAC has received donations of books from NLB and these were given to CDAC beneficiaries or placed at the CDAC centres for children to borrow and read.

Mr Bean has been an annual supporter of CDAC’s Ready for School (RFS) Project since the event was started in 2005. The generous sponsorship of the soya bean milk drink has increased from 1,500 cups to 14,000 cups of soya milk during RFS 2015. Not only that Mr Bean increased the number of staff deployed yearly to support the scale of the project; even members of the senior management were involved at the distribution booth.

Despite the heavy downpour during the RFS 2014 and 2015, Mr Bean’s staff showed their professionalism and team spirit. They sheltered one another while they unloaded the drinks and ensured the smooth distribution despite having to handle the mass group continuously. This would not have been achieved without a properly trained staff and their positive attitude – serving efficiently with smiles, whole-heartedly without any complaints. The source of motivation is unquestionably spurred by the leadership displayed in the senior management.

Mr Bean’s staff displayed extraordinary initiatives during the event. They went extra length to replenish the supplies by making trips to the factory and cleaning up the event area to ensure safety and cleanliness even though cleaners were engaged. Mr Bean even brought in their mascot which brought joy and created photo opportunities for the families. Definitely, they had proven their commitment to the CDAC’s cause.

Families also benefited from Mr Bean’s  contribution of a recipe which was specially created by the staff and included in the CDAC recipe book, “It’s Dinner Time!”, under CDAC “Healthy Living, Active Planning” Scheme in 2011. The book was distributed to 5,000 families who would stand to gain from the healthy and affordable recipes.


Zhong Hua Cultural Society (Singapore) (ZHCSS), a non-profit organisation committed to promote Di Zi Gui (also known as Standards for Being a Good Student and Child) and Chinese culture, has been a strong partner of CDAC since 2013.

Besides initiating the Di Zi Gui programmes for students and their parents at CDAC@ Ang Mo Kio and CDAC@ Tanjong Katong, ZHCSS has also developed lesson plans and sponsored all the learning resources for the programme. As the facilitator of the Di Zi Gui programme, they recruit, train and deploy volunteers to conduct the activities at these two centres. The volunteers will carry out activities with the children and their parents to instill the Di Zi Gui teachings for two hours every week (for 40 weeks). In addition to the weekly programme, ZHCSS also organised a three days two nights Di Zi Gui learning camp in June 2014.  With the strong support from ZHCSS and its volunteers, more than 450 participants benefitted from the programme.

ZHCSS has also been very supportive in other areas such as putting up performances, conducting talks and sponsoring educational books and refreshments at the CDAC@ Ang Mo Kio Official Opening.