Parent Education Programme

Parent Education Programme

We equip parents with parenting skills for the holistic development of their school-going children.

The wide-ranging topics of our talks and workshops include:

  • Parenting styles
  • Effective communication skills
  • Positive disciplinary skills
  • Standards for being a good student and child
  • Parenting with high Emotional Quotient

Upcoming Parenting Talks in 2023

Date Time Title Venue Event Info Registration
11 February 10am – 12pm How could parents better support their school-going children Zoom View Link

Past Parenting Talks in 2022

Date Title Event Flyer Facebook Post
17 December Different Parenting styles and their effects on child development View Link
30 November Controlling or indulging in your child. Are you doing it right? View Link
19 November While bonding with your children, are your expressions appropriate? View Link
27 July Dyslexia in relation to the Chinese language View Link
23 July Does your child like interacting with you? View Link
2 July Transition from Pri 6 to Sec 1 View Link
29 June Can My Child Cope With Peer Pressure? View Link
4 June Children’s Play and their Mental Development View Link
25 May On the New Journey of Confidence and Independence View Link
14 May What Abilities Should Children Develop Besides Learning? View Link
27 Apr Cultivating Children’s Endurance View Link
16 Apr Parents’ Emotion Management Has Impact On The Child’s Future View Link
2 Apr Building A Good Relationship With Your Teenage View Link
23 Mar How To Discover Your Child’s Potential? View Link
12 Mar Factors Affecting Learning View Link
23 Feb Does My Child Engage Well With Others? View Link
12 Feb Is Self-Discipline Innate? View Link
15 Jan How Could Parents Better Support Their School-Going Children? View Link


Please call 6603 5555 during office hours or email to .

* For topics on financial management, healthy living and life skills, please refer to Family Resource Programme.