Parent Education Programme

Parent Education Programme

We equip parents with parenting knowledge and skills through talks and workshops.

The wide-ranging topics of our talks and workshops include:

  • Parenting styles
  • Effective communication skills
  • Positive disciplinary skills
  • Standards for being a good student and child
  • Parenting with high Emotional Quotient

Upcoming Parenting Talks

Date Time Title Venue Event Info Registration
13 Jan 2018, Saturday 9.30am – 1.30pm Best Parenting Series – Parenting Pre-teens CDAC HQ View Link

Past Parenting Talks in 2017

Date Title Event Flyer Facebook Post
4 Mar 2017 Hot Tips on Parenting  View  View
1 Apr 2017 Journey with Your Child to Higher Education  View  View
10 Jun 2017 Best Parenting Series – Parenting Teens View View
24 Jun 2017 Preparing Your Child for Primary Education  View  –
15 Jul 2017 Raising Motivated Teens  View  View
19 Aug 2017 Understanding and Supporting Different Learning Needs  View  View
30 Sep 2017 Cyber-wellness for Child/Teen  View  –
14 Oct 2017 Transition to Secondary Education  View  –
28 Oct 2017 How to Be a Hero to Your Kids  View  –
11 Nov 2017 Transition to Post-Secondary Education View  –
25 Nov 2017 Polytechnic Education and Advancement in Career View  –


Please call 6603 5555 during office hours or email to .

* For topics on financial management, healthy living and life skills, please refer to Family Resource Programme.