Parent Education Programme

Parent Education Programme

We equip parents with parenting knowledge and skills through talks and workshops.

The wide-ranging topics of our talks and workshops include:

  • Parenting styles
  • Effective communication skills
  • Positive disciplinary skills
  • Standards for being a good student and child
  • Parenting with high Emotional Quotient

Upcoming Parenting Talks

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Past Parenting Talks in 2018

Date Title Event Flyer Facebook Post
13 Jan 2018 Best Parenting Series – Parenting Pre-teens View
10 Mar 2018 Preparing Your Child for Primary Education View View
8 Apr 2018 Cyber-wellness for Child/Teen View


Please call 6603 5555 during office hours or email to .

* For topics on financial management, healthy living and life skills, please refer to Family Resource Programme.