What a child needs

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A child needs the companionship of his/her parents. How does Xiang Yun find time to accompany and understand her children amidst her busy schedule? Let’s find out!

CDAC has launched the ‘Walk With Me’ Parent Education Series to equip parents with knowledge and skills to support their children in 4 educational transition phases.

We are very honoured to invite Ms Xiang Yun to be the Ambassador for the new programme。

Ms Xiang Yun will share through a series of videos her personal parenting experiences. These videos will be shared on CDAC website and Facebook page progressively.


We will conduct a series of talks in the coming months for parents whose children are going through education transition phases (e.g. lower primary to upper primary, primary to secondary, and lower secondary to upper secondary).

If you are interested to attend, please register your interest at http://bit.ly/WalkWithMe2018. We will provide you with updates once the details are confirmed.