Pursuing Dreams

Hui Yee Ng Stories

Murphy grew up in an unconventional family. His parents separated when he was young, and he was raised by his grandmother and aunt. In primary school, he was often teased and bullied by classmates, and he vented his frustrations by playing video games.

Thanks to the encouragement of a tutor in the CDAC tuition programme, Murphy started to keep a journal. This helped him hone his language abilities, and also enabled him to express his emotions through words. The pandemic impacted his family’s finances. But thanks to the CDAC’s financial assistance, they were able to get through this difficult time. Murphy also received a bursary from his polytechnic and CDAC YEAP Grant which enabled him to focus on his studies in digital film and television and pursue his dreams.

Murphy is determined to be a YouTuber. “I want to start my own channel, and create content that expresses my views on social issues. This channel can also help more people to know about vulnerable communities, and reach out to them with a helping hand.”