Love You Then, Love You Still

zixiang Events

“At this moment, I reaffirm my vow of love to you: From this day on, we shall cherish each other. We shall support each other through thick and thin. We shall build our future together hand in hand.”

This afternoon, 94 married couples from CDAC beneficiary families, with the witness of their children, reaffirmed their marriage vows and lifelong commitment to each other!

Filled with tears in their eyes, the families cuddled together as they were intimately drawn by their intense emotions during the marriage vow renewal ceremony.

Besides the ceremony, the couples also gathered valuable advice from a marriage talk earlier this morning. The children on the other hand, made Mother’s Day gifts which they presented along with their fathers at the end of the ceremony. The families then took the Singapore Flyer rides, making this Mother’s Day truly heartwarming and memorable.