Granny Quilt Project

Wee Kar Kho Latest Happenings

A custom that originated in China, the Granny Quilt (or 100 Good Wishes Quilt), was originally created by having friends and family each contribute a quilt square as a show of love for the new child. The quilt is usually sewn by elders with the well wish that the baby will be as healthy and well like the elders.

CDAC piloted the Granny Quilt Project in August 2017 at CDAC@ Redhill to help seniors stay active and lead an exciting and fulfilling life through learning activities and volunteerism.

The project involved 19 seniors gathering at the centre to learn the art of sewing a quilt. In the past 10 months, the seniors cut, ironed and sewed 100 small patches of specially selected cloth together, and made close to 300 pieces of the Granny Quilts.

At the “Embracing Parenthood @ Radin Mas” event held last Sunday, 76 quilts were given to babies living in the Radin Mas constituency.

Wishing all babies the best of health and all the happiness in this world!