Activity Fee Subsidy

This fee subsidy enables needy students to participate in programmes offered at CDAC Centres to develop their characters and enhance self-esteem; as well as to help promising ones to excel in their studies and develop their potential.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Race / Nationality

Student or the parents must be a Chinese Singaporean or Permanent Resident

  • Household Income

Gross monthly household income (MHI) not exceeding $3,300; or

Gross monthly per capita income (PCI) not exceeding $900

Subsidy Tier

Income Range Level of Subsidy
$1,900 < MHI ≤ $3,300 or

$650 < PCI ≤ $900

Up to 75%
MHI ≤ $1,900 or

PCI ≤ $650

Up to 90%


To apply, please fill in the application form and submit it with required documents to CDAC Secretariat or any CDAC Centre.


Please call 6603 5555 during office hours or email to .