CDAC Volunteers’ Day 2018

Wee Kar Kho Events

Brought together by a family’s cry for help, a team of four volunteers embarked on a year’s long journey of rendering assistance to a girl who had not been enrolled in any school at 11 years old.

With a lack of formal education, the girl was lagging behind her peers in many aspects. Leveraging on each other’s strengths, the team members supported and prepared the girl for primary school and imparted social skills to help her interact with her peers.

Today, the girl is adapting to school life well. The team, titled ‘Red Ruby’, received Volunteer (Team) Commendation Award at the CDAC Volunteers’ Day 2018 held on 23 September 2018 in recognition of their efforts and contribution.

Held every two years, the event appreciates and recognises our volunteers’ tireless contribution to our beneficiaries.