A Little Helper in Tuition Class

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Chok Wei Jie (12 years old, right) is autistic, shy and introverted. However, under the “appointment” of his Math tutor in the CDAC Tuition Programme, he helped his fellow classmates to solve math problems and became a good “teaching assistant” to his tutor. This experience not only strengthened his self-confidence and increased his motivation to learn, but also helped him to score well in the PSLE last year.

Now, Wei Jie is attending his Secondary education in Pathlight School.

His mother, Kuah Siew Keng (38, clerk), said that Wei Jie’s communication skills have improved with the help of his school teachers. Not knowing how to guide their son in his homework and worried that he could not keep up with his school work, Madam Kuah and her husband decided to enrol Wei Jie for tuition classes. Two years ago, Wei Jie’s school teacher referred him to attend CDAC Tuition Programme for his Foundation Level Mathematics.

Mazher Tayeb (44), who has been serving as a tutor in CDAC Tuition Programme for eight years, started teaching Wei Jie last year. Mr Maher, who is teaching in a mainstream school, said there were only eight students in the foundation mathematics class, and he noted that Wei Jie tends to complete math problems faster than his classmates.

“Sometimes after completing his work, Wei Jie would shake the table and murmur some sounds, but not to the extent of disturbing his classmates. As he was doing quite well in his mathematics, I got him to help to teach other students.  Whenever he encountered problems in communication or when he did not know how to explain to his classmates, I would guide him along.  For students with special needs, I believe that as long as they are willing to work hard and have the chance to showcase their skill, they will realise their potential.”

Wei Jie said Mr Mazher was one of his favourite teachers. “He taught me a lot of math problems solving techniques which minimize the careless mistake I made in my work.  I am grateful to him for giving me the opportunity to help other students and encouraging me to believe in myself.”